It happens to the best of us.  We pack our bags along with the best of intentions.  We promise ourselves we won’t stray too far off course, but once in vacation mode, we forget our long term goals and just want to relax and enjoy.  Vacation is like an excuse that totally derails the typical healthy patterns and habits we’ve worked so hard to implement.  Can you relate?  I thought so!

Well, vacation’s over and Autumn is upon us.  Left only with a bloated belly, a few extra pounds, tight clothes, brain fog and a little dose of guilt!  Not the best place to be – I know all too well!

Well, here are some easy fixes to get you right back on track…

Set your intention.

Breathe.  Deeply…and repeat.  Slow down and think about what it is you REALLY want.  We both know – you want to live a healthy lifestyle.  look and feel your best.  You want to feel in control – of your body, mind and life!


Yesterday is history.  There’s no time like the present to blaze a new trail.  Make a pact with yourself -or better yet, with a friend – that you will not beat yourself up over what happened in the past, but instead you will move forward in a positive way that will benefit you and your body.


No!  Not more alcohol.  Water.  Lots of it.  Vacation can tend to dehydrate.  We’re out in the sun more.  And instead of drinking water, we’re drinking alcohol – which does just the opposite.  Try some water infused with fresh, real flavor.  Add a few slices of fruit combined with either mint or cucumber (click here for my favorite infused water recipes!).   This turns water into a whole new adventure for your taste buds.

Make a Plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Simple as that.  You know you want this.  It won’t happen without planning and prepping.  Find recipes that work for you and your family.  Batch cook.  Chop fruits and veggies.  Haul out the crock pot.  This is KEY.

Looking for support, a like-minded community to lift you up and a fool-proof game plan to finally look and feel your best for good?  Let’s do this together – I will get you there.  Stay tuned for my easy –to-follow No More Excuses Program – details coming soon!!

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