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Well, the truthful answer is, it depends.  Ugh, right?  That’s clearly NOT what you wanted to hear.  My Change Your Diet Change Your Life Summit has come to a close.  After 23 days of interviews with top health and wellness experts, inquisitive listeners wrote to me, asking which advice is right.  The following excerpt came from a woman in my summit audience:

”It is REALLY hard to decide which approach is right for getting healthy. I am enjoying listening to your summit but it is very confusing to me with all the contradiction.”

This takes me back to my Institute for Integrative Nutrition school days.  I went through a very similar period of uncertainty and frustration as I trained to become a Health Coach.  One week we’d learn about one dietary theory that seemed to make a lot of sense, like eating a paleo diet.  The next week, we learn about the benefits of whole grains.  Wait – THAT sounded like great advice too – but contradicted other theories!  The Diet/Nutrition aisle in any bookstore, which is filled with best sellers, will also lead to mass confusion – with literally thousands of books to choose from, each contradicting the next.

Nutrition is not an exact science.  So, how do you solve this dilemma?  The answer is a concept called Bio-Individuality.  It simply means that one man’s food is another man’s poison.  There is no one way of eating that is right for everybody.  Instead of eating a low carb diet because it worked like a cham for your BFF, you need to do a little investigative work to determine what works best for YOU.  Why?  We are all different.  This is based on many factors; like age, lifestyle, culture, stress level, constitution, gender and metabolism.  Even your blood type and the climate you live in play a role in determining what you should eat for ultimate health.

So….how do you figure out what works best for you??  By listening to your body.  It gives subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) hints every day.  Do you have aches and pains? Digestive issues?  Bags under your eyes?  Are you sleeping poorly?  Are you filled with mucus? Are you craving sweets, salt or meat?  These are all clues.

Some ideas to assist you in this process are keeping a food/mood journal, paying close attention to what you eat and how you feel.  Become mindful of your eating patterns.  Try cooking healthy foods.  Take a cleansing breath before a snack or meal and set an intention to focus on how you feel.  Savor your food.  Maybe even try an elimination diet.  Then listen to the messages your body sends you.  You will ultimately learn what feeds you well.

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